Chocolate Flavored Cigars

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How Does a Chocolate Cigar Taste?

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We all have at least one friend that smokes. Even in these days of more people not smoking then smoking. Some of them use the new e-cigarettes, some might still smoke a normal cigarette or even maybe smoke a cigar.

There are many types of cigars in the world. From small and short ones to the long and thick ones and then of course there are the Cuban cigars to complete the pack.

There are how ever also flavored cigars that you might want to try. These cigars are fairly new and come for now in a few flavors.

One of those flavors is of course Chocolate. Do not think that you are actually inhaling Chocolate but the tobacco inside of the chocolate flavored cigars.

There are various shapes and sizes of the cigar. The bigger that the cigars are the more flavor they have and the stronger they are. Each person likes their cigars differently

So do try different styles ad sizes to find out which one works perfectly for you. If you enjoy your cigars then that will of course not be a problem to test as many out as you want.

Cigars used to be seen as the upper class cigarette n the early 1800’s. These days every body can buy a cigar at every tobacco shop as they have become very affordable in the last few years. Still there is a a certain feeling that you get when you are smoking a a cigar from look what you can get from a certain brand of cigars.

Each cigar has its own character, call it a personality and not every personality will mesh with you. SO make sure that you choose the right one for you.