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Chocolate Flavored Cigars That You'll Love

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What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear the word flavored cigar? Coffee? Cherry? You might think that’s gross. Well, not so fast. They might not be a cup of tea for every smoker but chocolate flavored cigars have become popular nowadays.

These are the newest and unique cigarettes available today in the market; this is because they come with a special flavor of chocolate that leaves a wonderful and comforting taste in your mouth while producing a heavenly fragrance. Moreover, most of them are sold at discounted prices which enables you enjoy that puff the next time you sit down to.

How are these Cigars Made?

The chocolate flavored cigars are made from carefully selected tobacco leaves. The leaves are then fermented and chocolate sugar is added into it. You will be able to get a sweet taste and yet produce a very mild smoke; these cigars contain low nicotine and are candy-sweet instead.

Who is entitled to this Kind of Cigars?

They are ideal for both experienced and non-experienced smokers. This is because some of the cigars don’t need cutting; one just enjoys them straight from the packet. You can enjoy it with beer or just a cup of tea. Secondly, when you are shopping around for a chocolate flavored cigar, you should consider its quality and its value. This is because they are the main key.

Example of chocolate flavored cigars include; Tatiana Mocha, Obsidian spectrum, Perdomo Reserve limited Oscuro, HdM Dark Sumantra, Kristoff Ligero Maduro, and pardon 7000.


When it comes to chocolate flavored cigars, there many brands from which you can choose from. They have become popular that most smokers who used to avoid these cigars are adding them to their collections. If you smoke cigars for pleasure then go ahead and sample chocolate cigars since you will never regret your decision.